5 things I bet you didn’t know about CrossFit

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“CrossFit is a way of life. You eat well, you train hard, you push yourself. It teaches you so many about yourself.” -Ben Smith, CrossFit Athlete

Are you one of those who always tried to figure what CrossFit was all about? Well, while I was in India, I was into CrossFit for a few months as part of my fitness training for tennis and I had a completely different view about CrossFit. But when I came to the US, my outlook towards CrossFit completely changed! In India, in my opinion, CrossFit is more about keeping fit and weight loss, but the actual aim of CrossFit is extreme forms of rigorous exercise with a community of people, like a cult, working together to achieve premium fitness levels. It is a way of life for them and is generally targeted at people who are willing to commit to a lifetime of loyalty to the brand and to the sport.

  1. The origins of CrossFit: CrossFit Inc. is a fitness company that was founded in 2000 with the aim of making fitness a sport. The CrossFit games began in 2010 and the challenge was to find the world’s fittest man and woman on Earth. In 2011, when Reebok signed a 10 year deal with CrossFit, the prize money at the CrossFit games increased from $25,000 to $ 1 million. The CrossFit gym is called a ‘box’ and the CrossFit equipment is very different from that found in the normal gyms. Each box has a new Workout of the Day (WOD) each day which is unique to that box. There are more than 15,000 affiliated CrossFit boxes all over the world.
  1. Cross Fitters are a classy bunch of people: CrossFit has a very niche target market with annual income of over 50% of CrossFitters being over $150,000. CrossFit boxes are also more expensive than other gyms and in my opinion this is one of the reasons why CrossFit has not worked in India like it has in other countries. For losing weight or just working out, people would choose other, cheaper versions than spending double or thrice the amount in a CrossFit box as compared to other gyms.
  1. CrossFit is also a home based complete full-body workout: Though the best thing about CrossFit is that most of the workouts, the ones that do not require equipment, can be done at home. Below is one of the examples.

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Two of the exercises that I like the most are the burpees and the mountain climbers. These two are complete body workouts and though initially you may find them tough to do, you can really feel the change in your body once you start doing them regularly. You feel stronger and much more flexible.

Burpees burn approximately 10 calories in a minute, similar to some other cardio workouts, but here you work on your core, arm and leg muscles in addition to burpees being a cardio workout.

how to do burpees

Mountain climbers are basically the leg and arm movements you do while climbing a mountain. Again, they work of all major muscles and doing 3 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions can burn up to 50 calories.

mountain climber exercise

You could also go a step further and buy a pair of kettle bells in order to aid your workout.

kettlebell swing

Kettle bells workouts can be found at this link: http://greatist.com/move/quick-kettlebell-workout

CrossFit on a whole burns approximately 261 calories for a 20- minute serious session. It is for people who are ready to go all out and exert their bodies to the extreme.

  1. Here are the places in India where you will find CrossFit boxes:

In Delhi- http://reebokcrossfitrobust.com/

In Gurgaon- http://crossfitlifeperformance.com/

In Bangalore- http://www.nammacrossfit.com/

In Hyderabad- https://www.google.com/#q=crossfit+gyms+in+india&rflfq=1&rlha=0&tbm=lcl&rlfi=hd:;si:17817953045912289595

In Mumbai- https://crossfitom.wordpress.com/

And if you looking to start at home, this would help: http://theathleticbuild.com/20-crossfit-workouts-you-can-do-at-home/

  1. CrossFit helps achieve mental peace: I was surprised when I found out that the first affiliated CrossFit gym in India was in Haridwar, called the Sri Ram Ashram. Haridwar is one of the last places where I would think of finding a CrossFit gym. But yes with what CrossFit relates to, a peaceful mind in a strong body, it probably is not a surprise. Vijay Raj is the only Indian to have represented India at the Asian Regionals of the games twice, being declared the 12th fittest man in Asia at the 2012 regionals. He now travels around the world as part of a team imparting education about CrossFit methodologies.

With the fitness industry in India growing by leaps and bounds and with an increase in the number of people taking to fitness not only to counter diseases, but also for a better lifestyle, I am sure that CrossFit is bound to catch up in the country. CrossFit boxes have started sprawling in the metros setting stage for an expanding cult of cross fitters. When are you planning to start?

Article was written by our Guest Author Shweta Dawar

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