GM Diet Plan SUCKS!!

Who doesn’t love shortcuts? Well we jugadu-Indians definitely do! So it came off as no surprise to me when I saw people jumping on the GM diet bandwagon. So what exactly is a GM diet? Apparently this diet involves detoxification and natural cleansing process of your body. Yeah it vows to cleanse your body of all the junk you have accumulated in your system in just seven days! ’Woahhh!”, I thought to myself. This is what I have been looking for my entire life .God has finally listened to me and all my prayers have been answered. Like a moth to a flame, I decided to dig up further about this new fad so that my desire for curiosity can be quenched.


This diet plan is designed for a target weight loss of 3-5 kgs per week. The effectiveness of this seven day plan is that the food eaten burns more calories than they give to the body in caloric value.High fiber, low protein and low fat –these are the three phrases I spotted on my screen when I googled this people’s current saviour. All you have to do is gulp down ginormous quantities of water, fruits and raw veggies and you are right on track to shed those pounds which have been your friends’ fodder for banter at social events. Okay this is doable but wait low protein? Did I read all the posts right in simultaneous tabs opened up? Yes, low protein. Now let me illuminate you on pitfalls of a low protein diet and this GM diet, in particular.


So, here are the top 5 reasons why you should keep your distance from this diet:

  1. Slow Metabolism

Low protein means your metabolism is going to slow down in future. Metabolism is directly co-related with your body’s ability to burn fat. Higher the metabolism, more rapid is the fat burning process. The very foundation of weight loss goes Kaboom! Surely this diet will help you to get rid of the excess flab which has been hanging around for so long that you might just accept it as a new body part but in the long run you are going to put on weight faster, much faster. This is a never ending cycle. Follow this diet for a week, loose weight, eat regular food and Bam! You are back on your previous weight.


  1. Dull skin and hair loss

Also after this “divine detoxification process”, one would want a dewy and rosy glow on face and not the look of a weared down, constipated middle age man. But how do you expect to look like that if you deprive your body of protein and fats which are the very building blocks for replenishing and recovering the body cells? By placing restrictions on our food choices, we cut off valuable nutrients that are crucial for our diet. Inadequate supply of protein to our body leads to muscle weakness, muscle loss, dull skin and hair loss. I haven’t come across a single human being who is plucky enough to accept these changes happily.


  1. Superficial Weight loss

GM diet works on a water weight loss system. Most of the weight that is lost in this period is water weight and can be gained back easily once we start eating regular food. In short this is a superficial weight loss program. We constantly lament about our problems, flimsiness of a diet regimen is the last thing we would want to add to that list.

  1. Decreases Fitness levels and Deteriorates Performance

GM diet doesn’t particularly stress on hitting the gym regularly. Also it causes muscle loss and general weakness because you are not allowed to eat whole grains, meat, sea food, dairy products and other protein rich foods.  All of these foods contain nutrients that can contribute to a lower risk of chronic medical problems such as cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.


  1. Strict Routine

It probably took you ages to put on weight. It is going to take a definite period of time to loose all that weight. The sooner we stop living in la-la land and expecting results in the blink of an eye, the more grateful our bodies will be to us. This diet demands discipline. Any attempts to seek in cheat meals are only going to reduce the effectiveness of this diet as well as give you unwanted pounds. Unless discipline is your forte, you might want to refrain from this diet.


So to put in a nutshell, my health conscious friends instead of running like a headless chicken behind a diet regime follow a diet plan which you can adapt to permanently and couple it with exercise to see defined and everlasting results.

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