Quit Soft Drinks Today

We all know that soft drinks are bad for health. Every other week we find a news article stating the potential health hazards linked to soft drinks. But still most of the people ignore everything and continue to gulp them as if there is no other alternative.

So we decide to reinstate the reasons why you should quit soft drinks altogether:

  1. Spikes up sugar level: A single can of soda contains equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. Within 20 mins of drinking, blood sugar level is spiked up which leads to burst of insulin and liver starts converting sugar into fat. Over the period of time it can lead to diabetes and insulin resistance.
  2. Increase of Blood Pressure: Research has shown that people drinking more than 1 soda or any similar beverage had higher blood pressure. If you add weight and other factors, such people have higher risk of having cardiovascular problems
  3. Contains Caffeine: Most of the soft drinks have caffeine as an ingredient which can lead to cancer, irregular heart beat and other health problems.
  4. Bad for teeth: We have all heard that soda is bad for heath but still we chose to ignore it. Research has shown that soda puts battery acid on your teeth and long time exposure to soft drinks can lead to corrosion of enamel. Even if you are not worried about your weight issue you should think how soft drinks can impact your smile quotient.
  5. Water borne diseases: Water used in soft drinks is just normal tap water. It contains chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, lead and traces of other metal which can be detrimental to your health.
  6. Higher possibility of Osteoporosis: Research has shown that people have high intake of soda reduce healthier drinks in your lifestyle. This can lead to deficiency of important nutrients such as calcium in your body and make you prone to fractures.
  7. Chronic Dehydration: Due to ingredients such as caffeine, sugar and sodium body gets dehydrated on regular basis which if continued of the period of time can lead to chronic dehydration.

There are plenty of alternative of soft drink which you can switch on to for healthy life style. For instance just have a glass of water to quench your thirst in place of gulping a can of soda. Try having green tea which is healthier substitute for soft drinks.

So let’s take a New Year resolution to quit soft drinks for healthier life style. Contact us if you take excessive amount of soft drinks and want our help to quit it.


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