How to beat the ‘I don’t have time’ trap

For most of us trying to stay fit, finding time is the Herculean task. Inspite of having the best intentions at heart, we keep hearing complaints about how the mythical hour of exercise eludes us. Let us face it, we have ourselves given that reason multiple times. So how do we work around this dilemma which is the only deterrent to achieving that suave fit self? A couple of pointers we have tried are here for your help –

1. Prepare the night before.
Trust me, half the (valid) reasons we give ourselves are because apart from getting up early morning and dragging our office exhausted selves to the gym, there is the additional task of packing the gym bag! So do yourself a favor and pack your gym bag the night before. If you plan to go for a run, keep your clothes and running shoes out on the couch. Do this and you will thank yourself after the run.
2. Inform others too

Yes, I agree that it doesn’t do great to discuss your plans with everybody on planet earth but in this case it might just do the trick. You see, as soon as you tell people that you plan to workout, at least a couple of them will most definitely ask you the next day, ‘Did you go today running/ gymming / (fill in the blanks)…..?’ And trust me you must also have some of those amazing friends who would downright make fun of you if you miss out on your regime. Sometimes the thought of listening to that endless poking is reason enough to maintain fitness resolutions. So go ahead and tell a couple of friends and colleagues about your plans. Moreover, you can always tell someone and he/she might just wake you up in the morning 🙂

3. Make an exercise group.
Form a Whatsapp group for working out. It helps when you have like – minded people around. They act as positive influencers on days when you are not particularly in the mood to get up from your cozy bed, when you think one day would not make much of a difference. A call from your group and them standing downstairs yelling out for you definitely will make you haul up yourself and put on those running shoes.


4. Penalty.
There is a reason why penalties are kept in any game. Keeps the players on track (mostly!). So we use the same trick for keeping ourselves fit. Everytime you miss a day of regime, put a 500 rupee note aside in a kitty called ‘Penalty’. Ask someone else from your family or one of your friends to maintain it for you. When someone else tracks this for you, apart from the actual money which you have to shell out, losing your face in front of people will definitely keep you on track. This method actually works best when you have a group.
5. Start easy and interesting.
From the first day, I would love to run a half marathon, lift my equivalent weight in the gym and add a couple of other things to my bucket list. Seriously how viable is it? Start simple and increase the intensity on a daily basis. Start with interesting and fun forms such as dancing, trekking, swimming and so on. Get into the groove of things, feel the fitness level increase and then gradually proceed to the more intense and set forms in the gym.
So now that you have these tips handy, there is no reason why you are not yet on the fitness track! Get set and go already!
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