Fitty Party – The Fun Way to Fitness

Organizing kitty party is a common phenomenon among the ladies, hailing from the elite class of society. However, it has taken a new avatar as you can now stay fitter. For those who wish to stay purr-fectly balanced while having fun, this Fitty Party would be a must-visit place for you.

The leader of this unique Fitty Party is our yoga fun expert, Nikita Saraf, who does the job out of a passion. So let’s explore what this Fitty Party is all about?!

 What is Fitty Party? 

Nikita Saraf Yoga

 Simply put, it is Social Fitness. This party would be multidimensional i.e. Spiritual, Mental, emotional & physical.

Fitty Party is basically a concept that is derived from KITTY PARTY and works similar to it. Fitty party would be a social meet organized by me where people would exercise together with the best trainers along with munching healthy food, social mingling and fun!  Yes it would be a kitty party- The Fitness way!

We believe that the mind and the body are one, and that if it is given the right fitness kit and tools and taken to the right environment, it can find harmony and heal itself. Fitty party would be one such place.”

So, how’s the special menu for your ‘Fitty Party’ different from that of a ‘Kitty Party’?

Nikita Saraf Yoga

Kitty parties are generally long munching sessions which include deep fried samosas and panner pakoras on the platter. With city women growing calorie conscious, the Fitty Party menu has also taken a whirl and now instead of deep-fried snacks, the menu now includes healthy food – detox tea, detox water followed by snacks (Corn salad, Dhokla with Green Chutney and Carrot Cake).

Nobody today wants to eat food which later tends to show on the waist. So eating out at this Fitty Party is going to be fun because you wouldn’t carry back the guilt of having eaten too much!

So At Fitty Party, the menu goes green, no more calorie blues!

What should people expect from the first session of Fitty Party? 

Well, the first session would be a session of yoga. We would start off with basic yoga practice that would help in increasing flexibility and strength.  Of Course, a drastic change cannot be expected in one day. But I am sure, after the class you will feel like practicing yoga every day. You will be shocked to know how basic body stretches can do wonders to your body and help reduce fat.

It’ll be a One day session with one hour of yoga (yoga mats would be provided to you). Charges would be Rs 650 per person.

Will it just be a yoga session?

Nikita Saraf Yoga

It will not just be about yoga; it’ll be much more than that .It would consist of small interactive session where people would talk about fitness, health and happiness. People would share their own experiences and ideas which will make the environment motivating. It’ll be a very good platform for each and everyone who wants to get fit while having fun. And yes, we’ll also have refreshments, music and chill out!

You’ll be having a good time definitely!

Will Yoga be promoted via this session?

Yoga is the love of my life. With the help of yoga, I wish to spread health awareness in the society. We should take care of our body and dedicate at least 20 minutes every day. But yes, Fitness will be the focus of these sessions. We start with Yoga this week, but every session will have a different face of fitness – Pilates, Yoga, Zumba and so much more.

I do not promote dieting. That’s the last thing I believe, people should do. And it’s a fact that when people go on a diet, they gain more. More than that they get unhealthy and their body starts lacking proper nutrients. One should eat everything, but in small portions.

Fitty party would be seriously fun!!
Add a little twist of yoga and enjoy the first session! Hope to see you all there.

Since we have limited seats, please call 9829050558 to register

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