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Parineeti Chopra has lost weight and how! Down from 85 to 58 kilos! It is commendable that the actress has been able to sketch her place in Bollywood single-handedly, on the basis of her excellent acting skills. On some level, the simple fact that she did not succumb to the size-zero curve-less trend, is refreshing. The likes of Sonakshi Sinha, Parineeti Chopra brought a change, not just in aesthetics of Bollywood, but the very soul of it. We all remember how Kareena Kapoor’s size zero was received by the Indian audience. For once the attention was diverted from barely-there boobs and butts that would disappoint ‘Sir Mix a Lot’, to an acting skills of a talented actress. All this was possible due to Kalaripayattu, Martial Art.

Kalaripayattu Parineeti

Now, Parineeti took it to the next level, shedding few extra kilos and achieving a curvy yet healthy figure which we all have to agree is mind blowing. Her recent pictures have become all the rage where she flaunts her taut and toned body in skimpy gym gear. However, don’t be deceived by looks. Don’t give your dusty old gym bag that look, girl! Parineeti hates going to the gym same as you and, in fact, finds it boring. What brought on this revolutionary change in her appearance is Kalaripayattu, Martial Art based out of Kerela.


Kalaripayattu is a traditional martial art! It focuses on flexibility and spiritual well-being. She confessed that visible results take time but she feels healthier and stronger than ever. Before you go into your day dreams of going haaayiyyyaaa!!” like a badass, let’s take a look into this magic art that originated in Kerala: Kalari has been explained as a battlefield, or a combat arena or a ring. Payattu means to fight or combat, which gives the word its complete meaning, fighting in a ring or an enclosed space for combat. It is a beautiful and energetic form of exercise which involves total control and limitless power of the body and perfect peace of the mind. Do you hear that, people? Limitless!! And girls! Kalaripayattu, Martial Art is a form of SELF DEFENCE, and thus, involves use of lethal weapons in actual practice. Only the most courageous hearts can become successful as it involves no use of armor or protection.

Kalaripayattu Women

In practice, Kalaripayattu, Martial Art looks magnificent and is a treat to the eyes. It has been carefully designed to focus on every movement of every part of the body. Precision, control and consciousness is required of every move from the flexing of fingers to the giant lion-like leaps. Kalaripayattu, Martial Art has taken its origins from the movements of animals such as lion posture called ‘simha-vadivu’, elephant posture called ‘gaja vadivu’, rooster posture called ‘kukkuta vadivu’, horse posture called ‘asva vadivu’, snake posture called ‘sarpa vadivu’, cat posture called ‘marjara vadivu’, wild boar posture called ‘varaha vadivu’ among many others.

While working out in gym has its own pros of having rightly designed weights and all kinds of machines to work out, you must have thought at least once of exercising out in the open, breathing fresh air. Kalaripayattu, Martial Art is a good alternative if you’re looking for one. Another plus point is its focus on flexibility.

kalaripayattu martial art

As clearly seen in Parineeti’s photographs, it improves your flexibility which can come to your aid in more than one ways (pun intended)! Another thing to be noted is that it works to tone and remove weight only from the right places unlike gym, the excess of which often leads to women gaining masculine contours and shape, as opposed to the natural and beautiful curves that they were gifted.

Parineeti looks no less than an ‘apsara’ from various carvings on temples of Kerala- voluptuous, feminine and healthy. Another reason to choose Kalaripayattu over yoga and gym is the intricate blend of mental discipline, physical prowess along with indigenous medical science that it involves. Yoga may seem too peaceful for people looking for a more exciting workout. Kalaripayattu fits well in that scenario. For those lazy asses who need a stronger motivation, Kalaripayattu, Martial Art also involves oil massages to improve the trainees’ flexibility and strengths and also helps in treating injuries and spasms that occur due to vigorous training. And if that does not motivate you to move it, I don’t know what will! Yay for all!

Kalaripayattu Parineeti Chopra New LookKalaripayattu Parineeti Chopra

There are variations present in the style of Kalaripayattu – Martial Art that differ according to the regions. Most broadly, there are 3 variations: Northern, Southern and Central. While the northern Kalaripayattu places more emphasis on weapon-use, southern kalaripayattu engages the force of empty hands to hit vital spots. The central kalaripayattu has distinctive techniques which focus on the use of lower body strength and speed.

Kalaripayattu has also been incorporated in various dance forms and is said to improve the dancing skills of a practitioners making him/her better than those who don’t. Even though, for some time, this martial art had lost its influence but it is again gaining popularity and has resurged with new vigor. Popular practitioners such as Jasmine Simhalan have popularized this art form all across the globe and its adoption by popular actors such as Parineeti Chopra will prove beneficial for both.

kalaripayattu martial-art

For the common people, it is a good opportunity to walk with confidence knowing that you have more strength and a better body than the men who idolize Salman Bhai’s ‘doley’ and his style of walking like there is a stick up where the sun don’t shine! Enough said! I am off to start Kalaripayattu, Martial Art. Care to join?

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